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GEAPP tackles the twin challenge of green energy access and a just transition, to achieve a climate in balance.
Energy engineer woman working on a roof with solar panels.

We work to tackle energy poverty and the climate crisis by scaling green energy solutions in developing and emerging economies.

The existential threat of a change in climate of 2-3° will have a disproportionate impact on the world’s emerging and developing economies, undermining health prospects, education, employment opportunities and gender equality, particularly among the young. 

If developed economies achieve their net zero commitments but developing and emerging economies use fossil fuels to rise out of energy poverty, 75% of all emissions will result by 2050 with a projected global temperature increase of ~2.5°. 

Renewables are now producing the cheapest energy in history. But not for everyone. Clean energy’s share of total energy consumption in Africa and Asia is stuck at less than 10%.

At scale, clean energy deployment has the potential to benefit the 750 million people currently lacking any access to energy; the 1.6 billion people who lack access that is reliable and affordable; and the further 1.25 billion who do not consume enough electricity to make a meaningful difference to their economic prospects. 

A wide range of organisations have been trying to tackle energy poverty for years. But fragmented approaches, deep systemic barriers and short-term political expediency mean there’s been a failure to move the dial. 

Transitioning economies from fossil fuels to renewable energy is a more recent, but increasingly urgent reality. Around the world governments are grappling with this challenge, but unequal access to the tools required to effect change risks exacerbating energy inequality even further. 

The Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP) was launched in 2021 at COP26 in Glasgow to address these  gaps.

Nigeria is Changing Energy For Good

Access to reliable and affordable energy has the power to transform communities like Shimankar in Nigeria - creating new jobs and helping businesses thrive.

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