Our Partners

We collaborate with strategic partners to channel our collective ambition to bring longer-term impact at speed
A fresh approach to partnership

This battle against climate change and energy poverty cannot be won by individual countries, institutions, or programs.

The Alliance recognizes that to create major change, a new approach is needed. Multiple players—governments, investors, innovators, power companies, philanthropies, and more—must come together to ensure access to electricity for all people, via low-carbon technologies, and with the economic wellbeing of communities taken into account.

We must act quickly, before catastrophic climate change becomes irreversible.

Alliancing in Action

The Alliance you find in our name reflects the fundamental aspect of GEAPP’s approach: committed partnerships.

The Alliance represents philanthropy, government, finance, technology, development and communities, bringing complementary sources of capital, delivery capacity, deep expertise and reach—from global to hyper-local.

With this combination of vision, funding, and technical and local expertise, the Alliance is well-positioned to drive transformational change. Together, we are forming an ever widening and diverse coalition of individuals, institutions, and communities, driving a groundswell of action.

How We Work

Our Partners