How we work

We’re working with countries around the world to accelerate an equitable energy transition for people and planet.

Our Vision

We are a collective movement working to unlock green energy access in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean to secure an inclusive and resilient future for all.

Our mission is to address the defining challenge of our time – the transition to renewable energy.

Our Targets


Giga tons of future carbon emissions reduced


Billion people with clean energy access


Million new jobs and sustainable livelihoods

The Challenge

Green Energy

GEAPP targets green energy access and a just transition to combat climate change. We focus on scaling green energy solutions in developing and emerging economies.

Global Temperatures

A 2-3°C global temperature rise threatens emerging economies, affecting health, education, jobs, and gender equality. If developed economies achieve net zero, but developing ones rely on fossil fuels, 75% of emissions by 2050 will cause a 2.5°C temperature increase.

Renewables are the cheapest energy source in history, yet their share in Africa and Asia is under 10%. Clean energy deployment could benefit 750 million people lacking energy access, 1.6 billion with unreliable and costly access, and an additional 1.25 billion with insufficient electricity for economic progress.

Combat Energy Poverty

Efforts to combat energy poverty have been fragmented, hindered by systemic barriers and short-term policies. Transitioning to renewable energy is urgent, but unequal access to tools exacerbates energy inequality. GEAPP, launched in 2021 at COP26, addresses these challenges.

We support countries through three change levers:

Government enablement

We invest in upstream, public capacity building to create the environment for green energy interventions and energy sectors attractive to commercial capital.

Catalytic finance

We deploy a wide range of blended finance and flexible capital solutions enabling organizations to co-invest in order to multiply funds. Closing the green energy investment gap in developing countries requires new approaches to financing.

Market shaping

We support entrepreneurs to foster sustainable businesses, enable market-makers to build pipelines and create bankable projects.

We work with countries worldwide to speed up a fair energy transition for the benefit of people and the planet.

GEAPP partners with governments in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. We provide focused support to seven foundation countries— DRC, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa, and Vietnam chosen for their potential impact and commitment to clean energy.

Additionally, we concentrate on replicable solutions in 13 more countries, reaching a total of 80+ nations through our extensive Alliance.

Our Solutions

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Deploying Battery Energy Storage Systems to strengthen grids and enable them to rapidly adopt high levels of least-cost, variable renewable energy

Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE)

Accelerating the uptake of distributed renewable energy, to provide fast, clean, cheap power where it is needed most

Just Energy Transition

Ensuring the energy transition is just, equitable and inclusive by focusing positive impacts on women, youth and marginalised communities

Pilot Programmes

Design, test and later scale, transformative approaches including utility scale renewables, fossil fuel decommissioning, transmission and distribution, productive use of energy, green industrialization, and e-mobility

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning systems shape our work

Best-in-class monitoring, robust evaluation, and learning sits at the heart of GEAPP’s approach and governs the way we make decisions.

We hold ourselves accountable to concrete outcomes and hypotheses and build learning into the system for ourselves and our partners.

Working in this context demands a robust approach to risk management and a clear-sighted openness to learning, not only when things work, but with inevitable missteps along the way. This willingness to challenge is built into our mindset; it ensures our approach is informed by tangible results and realities.


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