Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE)

Accelerating the uptake of distributed renewable energy, to provide fast, clean, cheap power where it is needed most
Accelerating uptake of distributed renewable energy

Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) is crucial for improving energy access today, while strengthening the electricity grids of the future.

By integrating DRE into the power system you reach people faster—ramping up reliability, cutting carbon, saving money, and building more resilient systems. The scalability of mini grids and other DRE systems means that these systems can support emerging multi-kilowatt loads associated with smallholder farming, light commercial, community factories, and schools, as well as multi-megawatt loads on urban and semi-urban distribution circuits.

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in Goma, DRC

Nuru, based in Goma, DRC, is one of Africa’s pioneering renewable energy-powered metrogrid companies. By delivering world-class renewable energy and connectivity services, Nuru aims to empower 5 million Congolese people, one connection at a time.

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