Build a robust distributed renewable energy (DRE) market to unlock access to productive-level energy services and improve livelihoods for 2.5 million Haitians

Electrification to support lives and livelihoods

GEAPP aims to accelerate the rate of electrification in Haiti by supporting the development of a diverse, coordinated, and mature DRE sector.

Solutions for Haiti

Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE)

Accelerating the uptake of distributed renewable energy, to provide fast, clean, cheap power where it is needed most

Pilot Programmes

Design, test and later scale, transformative approaches including utility scale renewables, fossil fuel decommissioning, transmission and distribution, productive use of energy, green industrialization, and e-mobility

GEAPP’s portfolio in Haiti focuses on four pillars:

  • Enabling innovation to develop lower-cost and context appropriate DRE solutions
  • Supporting the Government of Haiti in strengthening its regulatory and policymaking capacities
  • De-risking to catalyze private sector investments
  • Maximizing the income-generating potential of electrification by supporting a productive uses of electricity (PUE) programming

Through its partnership with the Fonkoze Foundation, GEAPP is working with female entrepreneurs to develop best practices to ensure that access to electricity can be directly translated into improvements in livelihoods.

Meet Our Experts

  • Isabel Beltran Villavicencio
    Managing Director, Latin America & Caribbean
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  • Jess Kersey
    Technical & Strategy Consultant
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    Associate, Programs
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    Manager, Partnerships
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