Latin America and the Caribbean

Supporting regional governments to accelerate universal access to electricity and mobilize investment for a more inclusive energy system
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Energy transition for a resilient future

Accelerating universal energy access in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)

A climate vulnerable region, LAC needs to deliver energy access to the remaining 18 million unelectrified people. GEAPP works with partners to mobilize funding and build capacity so countries can accelerate innovative DRE solutions in remote areas and scale BESS projects for resilient grids. By providing support to meet just energy transition goals, the region can ensure an inclusive energy system.

Solutions for LAC

Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE)

Accelerating the uptake of distributed renewable energy, to provide fast, clean, cheap power where it is needed most

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Deploying Battery Energy Storage Systems to strengthen grids and enable them to rapidly adopt high levels of least-cost, variable renewable energy

Just Energy Transition

Ensuring the energy transition is just, equitable and inclusive by focusing positive impacts on women, youth and marginalised communities

Pilot Programmes

Design, test and later scale, transformative approaches including utility scale renewables, fossil fuel decommissioning, transmission and distribution, productive use of energy, green industrialization, and e-mobility

Let’s Change Energy in Haiti

Expanding access to clean energy in rural areas of Haiti has transformed communities use of electricity, enabled new businesses to grow, and improved quality of life and education. Learn how.

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