We are a collective movement working to unlock green energy access to secure an inclusive and resilient future for all.

Clean energy is development; without it, every other form of progress, is impacted. Today, half the world’s population – 3.6 billion people – live in energy poverty, with 675 million people lacking any access to electricity.

GEAPP works to accelerate the green energy transition to end energy poverty across emerging economies.

We do this by expanding access to affordable, reliable, clean electricity for the hardest to reach communities that are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Our work also aims to reduce carbon emissions, powering progress for people and the planet.


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Formed in a spirit of radical collaboration, GEAPP brings together philanthropy, governments, development partners, and the private sector.

Our founder partners include the IKEA Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation and the Bezos Earth Fund. Together we seek to tackle the challenge of energy access for all through a just transition, unlocking a new era of inclusive green economic growth for vulnerable people while enabling the global community to meet critical climate goals within the next decade.

Our Alliance Partners

GEAPP takes a fresh approach to partnership. The Alliance you find in our name reflects the fundamental aspect of GEAPP’s approach: committed partnerships, which enable us to channel our collective ambition to bring longer-term impact at speed.

We collaborate with country governments and communities, bringing together technology, policy and regulation, development finance, and private sector partners to drive transformational action and achieve our ambitious goals.

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The future

is closer

than you think.


It’s time to accelerate a renewable energy movement that powers progress for people and planet.

Powering People and Planet Report 2023

The Powering People and Planet (P3) Report explores the progress made towards the ambitious goals that GEAPP was set up to achieve at COP26.

The report takes an evidence-based view at GEAPP’s work to tackle endemic challenges, take calculated risks and nurture innovation to unleash and unblock current barriers to the green energy transition. It highlights GEAPP’s impact in its seven deep-dive countries.

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Our Reach


Supporting efforts to connect the world’s largest unconnected population and support a transition to renewable energy

Sierra Leone

Expanding renewable energy-enabled businesses for women through financing, capacity building and enhanced market access


Supporting the national government in developing a productive renewable energy sector in support of Ethiopian smallholder farms


Accelerating energy access via a private sector-led PPP and bolstering government capacity

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Accelerating deployment of private-sector-led urban and peri-urban solar metro grids to help realise the country’s renewable energy potential


Supporting to increase electricity access and improve energy security and reliability

South Africa

Enabling a job-positive green energy transition through increased renewable energy capacity


Expanding energy access through distributed renewable energy


Enabling transformational change via scale up of renewable solutions through demand aggregation and availability of finance through risk reduction


Supporting the national government in developing a scale-up plan for floating solar projects


Contributing to accelerating renewable energy development and accelerating BESS scale-up to support renewable energy integration


Bringing off-grid solar power to rural enterprises


Supporting the government to implement JETP plan and unlock financing to realise its energy transition goals


Bringing electricity access to enterprises and communities not served by the national grid and testing new technologies for rural electrification

Latin America & the Caribbean
Puerto Rico

Facilitating the financing of renewable back-up energy for critical facilities in the island and provide resilience during disasters and emergencies

Latin America & the Caribbean

Supporting the government's ambitious Energy Communities program and energy transition plan

Latin America & the Caribbean

Supporting last mile access and diesel replacement programs at the national level with a focus on productive use

Latin America & the Caribbean