Climate Leaders Network Aims to Elevate the Role and Impact of Women in Green Economy

Press Release Vietnam

Hanoi | 12th April 2024 — In a significant stride towards a sustainable future, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP) alongside the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), highlighted the intersection of gender inclusivity and climate action at the ‘Women in the Green Economy’ event held in Hanoi on April 12. This event underscores Vietnam’s exemplary achievements in fostering women’s participation in the workforce and political spheres, well above global averages, as a cornerstone for driving the country’s climate strategy.

Vietnam’s impressive female workforce participation rate, which exceeds 70 percent, alongside a significant 30.26 percent of women in parliament, outpacing the global average of 25.5 percent, serves as a testament to the nation’s commitment to gender equality. However, despite these achievements, women’s representation in the highest echelons of business leadership and ownership still lags, with only 26.5 percent of such positions being held by women. This discrepancy underscores a crucial area of potential growth and impact in the context of Vietnam’s green economic transition and climate resilience efforts.

The Climate Leaders Network (CLN), publicly introduced at this event, is dedicated to elevating women’s roles in climate action, informing stakeholders about Vietnam’s climate challenges and the gender-climate connection, and encouraging emerging female leaders in the environmental sector.

Sarah Twigg, East Asia Pacific Lead, Gender, and Economic Inclusion at IFC detailed the importance of this initiative, stating, “Vietnam stands at the forefront of integrating gender equality with climate action. IFC, through initiatives like the CLN, aims to transform this existing foundation into a dynamic force for environmental and economic resilience. IFC is committed to driving investments in ways that advance climate solutions and we recognize that women’s leadership is central to this ambition.”

Sunita Dubey, GEAPP’s Country Delivery Lead for Vietnam, offered a complementary perspective: “The establishment of the CLN signifies breaking new ground in the environmental sector by addressing the underrepresentation of women in leadership roles. Our approach leverages Vietnam’s achievements in gender equality as a model for creating innovative and inclusive climate strategies. By focusing on gender-smart solutions, GEAPP aims to inspire systemic change that benefits both the planet and its people.”

The event not only celebrated the role of women in leading climate action but also set a blueprint for future initiatives aimed at enhancing their impact in the green sectors. It highlighted the need for policies that support women’s entrepreneurship and leadership in the green economy, acknowledging the pivotal role that gender equality plays in achieving comprehensive climate goals.

Through the CLN, IFC, GEAPP and partners seek to increase the representation of women in leadership across Vietnam’s key economic sectors and to empower them to play a decisive role in shaping the nation’s climate policies and actions. By facilitating dialogue, sharing best practices, and providing support for women leaders and entrepreneurs, the network aims to build a resilient and inclusive green economy. 

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