Contributing to accelerating renewable energy development and accelerating BESS scale-up to support renewable energy integration

Steering the green energy transition

Galvanizing green energy development and BESS scale-up to help Vietnam become the green hub of Asia

This climate-vulnerable nation, which has committed to go carbon neutral by 2050, faces power challenges despite strong progress. With $137 billion needed for the transition, GEAPP is helping Vietnam by backing BESS scale up, off-shore wind production, and the spread of green energy for commercial and industrial users, all underpinned by the JET-P to ensure the transition is equitable and inclusive for all.

Solutions for Vietnam

How GEAPP is supporting Vietnam on its energy transition journey to become the green hub of Asia

Just Energy Transition

Ensuring the energy transition is just, equitable and inclusive by focusing positive impacts on women, youth and marginalised communities

Pilot Programmes

Design, test and later scale, transformative approaches including utility scale renewables, fossil fuel decommissioning, transmission and distribution, productive use of energy, green industrialization, and e-mobility

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Deploying Battery Energy Storage Systems to strengthen grids and enable them to rapidly adopt high levels of least-cost, variable renewable energy

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