Enhancing Vietnam’s Grid Stability with BESS

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Improvement of Frequency Stability in Vietnam’s Power System with High Penetration of Renewable Energy by Battery Storage

This study analyses and anticipates the challenges that may arise in frequency stability in Vietnam’s power system by 2030, when the renewable energy integration is expected to increase, with the objective to gauge the scope of averting these challenges with Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).

With the growing penetration of renewables to meet Vietnam’s rapidly rising electricity demand in line with the global trend of energy transitions, it is important to take into account the intermittent nature of RE affecting the power system’s frequency stability.

The study makes a compelling case that a 50MW BESS rating installed can play a significant role in managing Vietnam’s power system frequency stability. It is also observed that the location of BESS does not have much effect on the frequency stability. Therefore, for the purpose of frequency stability improvement, BESS can be installed at every bus in the power system if the land and connection plans are available.