Lucy Nyoike

Senior Associate, Partnerships, Africa

Lucy is a highly skilled and accomplished professional, equipped with a comprehensive toolkit of strengths and expertise in stakeholder engagement, partnership building, reputation management, and administration. Her passion and ability to align internal goals with partner relationships, and deliver exceptional experiences make them an invaluable asset to the organization.

She has excelled in supporting coordination, identification, and engagement of critical stakeholders to advance influence and advocacy strategies. Her ability to establish and nurture relationships with key sectoral influencers, regulators, and government stakeholders has allowed for a deep understanding of programmatic work and effective collaboration in the region.

Lucy brings a wealth of experience in strategic planning, project management, and finance management, which has contributed to the success of numerous initiatives. They have a proven ability to identify visibility gaps, recommend market engagements, and optimize opportunities for the organization’s growth.

Prior to joining GEAPP, Lucy worked with Serengeti Energy as Executive Assistant and Team Coordinator. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Science from Kenyatta University.